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ATM 2014: Atlantis, The Palm says innovation holds the key

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Atlantis, The Palm, holds the key to success in the rapidly growing tourism industry in the UAE with its dynamic lead in innovation. The iconic resort is demonstrating its commitment to innovation by introducing significant new experiences and cutting-edge multi-channel marketing initiatives in 2014 to drive visitors from key global and regional markets, including the GCC, to Dubai.

This innovative game-changing approach will be a main highlight of Atlantis, The Palm’s participation in the Arabian Travel Market 2014 (ATM) Exhibition, held from today until Thursday, May 5 to May 8, 2014, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Participating under the umbrella of Kerzner International Holdings Limited, the leading international developer and operator of destination resorts and luxury hotels, Atlantis will showcase attractive tourism packages to suit all tastes and preferences of holiday seekers across the world.

Atlantis will participate under “Kerzner Group” in Sheikh Saeed Hall at booth No. HC5420, which will be dedicated to business visitors who can meet representatives of the three brands of the group: “Atlantis,” “One & Only” and “Mazagan”.
Ravini Perera, SVP of Sales and Marketing Atlantis, The Palm said “ATM is not only a platform to interact with our current customers and build new relationships, it is a place to highlight our USPs to a global market, as we gear up for an extraordinary summer season and beyond.”

The spectacular new additions to Aquaventure Waterpark that cement the resort’s identity as the ultimate entertainment destination in Dubai, will be key highlights at the four day show.

In partnership with VISA, Atlantis has created The Visa Family Fun package starting from AED 1,595++* valid for stays between 15th May and 30th September 2014. The offer includes one night in a Deluxe Room including breakfast and lunch or dinner from a choice of 14 restaurants for every person including Ronda Locatelli, Asian Republic and TBJ, for every night of stay. For parents looking to enjoy some well-deserved alone time, the package also includes a 2 for 1 spa treatment (30 minute head, neck and shoulder massage) at ShuiQi Spa & Fitness and complimentary daily afternoon or morning access to Kids Club or Club Rush per day per child. The offer may be redeemed by presenting a valid VISA card and may be booked between 20th April and 30th September 2014. Black out dates apply.

For refreshing fun, Aquaventure Waterpark rewards guests with the spectacular Aquaventure 3 for 1 Summer Offer. With every ticket purchased to Aquaventure Waterpark, guests receive free lunch and free admission to beautiful underwater exhibits in The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Lunch is a combo meal deal (drink and meal) redeemable at any of the four restaurants in park with over 50 mouth-watering lunch options.

The exciting marine activities will also be showcased, including unforgettable experiences at Dolphin Bay and the resort’s newest attraction, Sea Lion Point, allowing guests a great opportunity to learn about the newest members of the Atlantis family, the South African Fur Seals. Visitors can enjoy a cuddle and a kiss with one of the world’s most charming mammals and leave with a smile on their face.

At the show, Atlantis will unlock the MICE potential across many regional markets. Perera says MICE tourism will comprise a large component of Atlantis offerings in ATM, as the resort witnessed a significant increase in bookings for exhibitions and conferences in the first two quarters of 2014 and during the whole of 2013. To meet the rising MICE demand, the resort is in the process of devoting larger resources to business from events tourism.

Perera says: “Since the opening of ATP, we have organised more than 15,800 events of various types. With the increasing attention on the region and the Emirate of Dubai in particular, international companies are expanding their operations in the Middle East market, and we expect an exceptional boom in the tourism sector.”

Atlantis is not just leading the way with new attractions at the resort, having recently launched its first ever brand campaign this month, the resort is also at the forefront of interactive audience engagement.

Dubbed ‘Check into Another World’, the brand new multi-channel campaign uses innovative Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) technology to take audiences on a magical journey where guests can visually step into the all-encompassing 5 star luxury of Atlantis even before they arrive.

Centred around an 80-second TV commercial. The new ad, which also has 30 and 60 second versions, uses a combination of live action footage and visual effects, with CGI animated bird flocks and stuntmen and women performing acrobatic moves on rigged wire for the bird flock landing.

Covering a plethora of marketing platforms, the ad will be shown in various global travel trade exhibitions including ATM 2014, and with over half a million views on YouTube and a reach of 157,000, on Facebook in just 14 days, the ad is already proving to be a hit.

Part of the marketing also includes a CRM video embedded HTML5 email campaign, which has reached a global database of over a million. Also featuring the hospitality industry’s first ever live HD video broadcast email campaign, results already show over 70% click-through rate, compared to the global travel/tourism average of 15%.

Aptly titled ‘Only 7 Days until Fun and Sun’ and ‘What’s the Weather Like Where You Are?’, the live video emails engage audiences across the globe with a suggestive and playful nudge toward making plans to travel to the resort in Dubai with live broadcasts from cameras in the resort cleverly presented with a live countdown clock to instil a sense of anticipation.

Perera says “Atlantis is about constant innovation. Pairing advancements in interactive technology with the viewer’s emotional desire to unwind in a luxurious resort, our new brand campaign and live video broadcasts engage with travellers and allow guests to prepare for their trip in accordance with the weather, increasing their eagerness for the luxurious and relaxing times they can look forward to.”

“With the help of technology, we are able to bring hospitality marketing into a new era where guests truly enjoy the creative content. We’ve even created a ringtone supporting the brand campaign, which will bring back the happy memories at Atlantis, even after the holiday ends’ She added



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