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Sapa trekking February 28th 2014

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February 28th 2014

curriculum. When a girl marries a boy from Homestay BreakfastHomestay Breakfast
Homestay Breakfastanother village, she moves to live with her husband’s tribe, so communication must become very difficult at times. Today’s hike is given as an easy 10km! To even us seasoned walkers, it was challenging. Not so much in length, but in altitude and gradients, it was a first for two people not always comfortable with heights.

Following what we believe to be buffalo tracks, there were several mishaps. The ground was muddy and slippery at times. For the first few kilometres we shunned the assistance of our new Sherpas (our grand old village girls of senior years), but when the going got tough, we gladly accepted their guidance. What amazes us is that we were climbing/descending steps of about three feet, and at our heights of between 5′ 8″ and 6′, we had much more difficulty than our diminutive lady assistants.The weather improved dramatically as we walked and very soon we were walking through a magnificent mountain chain.

Past paddy fields on 1 in 2″ inclines, with huge Buffalo wandering around like goats.We passed many small holdings, which could only have been reached by the same method we used; Shanks’es pony, Our respect for these minority tribes and the hard image

imagelives they endure is massively increased. Said a sad farewell to our fellow travellers, who all return to Hanoi tonight by overnight train, we share a last meal together. Contrary to some published Vietnam travel guides, there is an abundance of shops in Sa Pa selling Hiking Gear, from fleeces and boots to waterproofs and walking sticks, no need to worry beforehand if you have the right weather gear.

We carried our Sa Pa gear across the whole of Vietnam for a month, not realising we could have saved a lot of bother and money by buying on arrival! Enjoying our evening here, views from our hotel room are to die for. Sun just setting. It’s Good Night from us x Tip of the Day: If you are trekking in this region, bring a walking stick – and don’t go on first impressions!



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