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Halong bay – Tranditional Village tour package ( 4D3N)

Tour code: IONEVN-001

Duration: 4 Ngày 3 Đêm

Itinerary: Hanoi - Van Phuc Silk village - Halong Bay

Departure Point: Hà Nội - Everyday

Price from: Liên hệ

Best Price Guarantee


Halong bay – Tranditional Village tour package

4 days 3 nights

Transport : Mini bus

Tour Itinerary


You arrival Hanoi at the morning. Warmly welcome you by our guide. Then transfer you to Downtown hotel. Start visit the Hanoi capital city.

Check in to Hotel in Hanoi Old Quater: Alternatively you can choose to have lunch at the Muslim restaurant in the Old Quarter

13:30 : On this half-day excursion from Hanoi you’ll be picked up head to the nearby village of Van Phuc. You’ll travel in an air-conditioned vehicle, accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

Renowned for centuries for its silk production and self-sufficiency, the village has recently seen a revival of interest in its craft as the demand for silk has surged both domestically and internationally.

When you arrive, your guide will show you around the village, stopping to visit the families for whom silk production is their traditional work. You’ll also see the shrines of the village where the first masters are worshipped.

Hear a presentation from a group making silk, learning about the process from the planting of mulberry trees to the processing of silk thread taken from boiled cocoons. At the end of the presentation you’ll have a chance to go shopping for locally made products

Having dnner at restaurant. Back to Hotel. Relax . over night at hote

Day 2 : Ha Noi – Ha Long – Bai Tu Long Bay – Vung Vieng Floating Village (B ,L,D)

07:00 : Having breakfast in hotel.

07:45 – 08:15: Your transfer vehicle will collect you from your hotel in Hanoi and convey you to Halong City. 12.00 Embark at Vinashinhabor. You will be taken on our excursion boat from the wharf and make your way out onto the bay to board our luxurious craft, Signature Halong Cruise.

12:30: You will be welcomed aboard and greeted with a complimentary drink. Our Crew will conduct a compulsory safety procedures session and then you are free to check into your cabin and freshen up. Take some time to have a look around the vessel or watch the magical landscape go by.

13:00: As we begin to cruise through the bay a special lunch of fresh seafood and an assortment of appetizing favorites will be served. Dining on a luxury junk with fine food and drinks doesn’t come much better than this. You won’t get a better view in most restaurants around the world.

15:00: After lunch we set sail for BaiTu Long Bay passing the towns of Hon Gai and Cam Pha, extraordinary limestone karst landscapes, Oan Lagoon, Teapot and Monster Head Islets. Explore VungVieng fishing village by local rowing boats or kayaks to discover the interesting daily lives of its inhabitants. Signature Halong Cruise will stay close to Hang Trong Islet for the evening.

18:00: Our Vietnamese cooking class is a great way to learn how to prepare delicious appetizers and our expert chef will guide you through the process.

19:00: Dinner tonight is a scrumptious a la carte delight with a range of different options guaranteed to please everyone’s palette.

20:30 – 00:00: After dinner, free time to relax on the sundeck. Relax with an exotic cocktail or whatever takes your fancy. Our bar has a wide range or wines, beers and liquors from around the world and is always a welcome sight for guests after a day on Halong Bay. Our onboard amenities and recreation activities are next to none. Try a specialized massage in our spa service in room.


Day 3: Surprise Cave – Ha Long – Ha Noi (B,L,D)

06:00: The nicest time of the day on Halong Bay is the morning. Head to the upper deck to participate in our daily Tai Chi sessions. Relax with an early morning cup of tea, coffee or juice anywhere you wish on the boat and watch the never ending miraculous scenery unfold before you.

07:00: Enjoy our buffet breakfast. It is one of the best, if not the best in the region and our guests are always satisfied. We provide a wide variety of breakfast favorites and we are sure there will be something for you no matter what your preference is.

08:30: After breakfast we board the excursion boat for a side trip to Surprise Cave (Sung Sot). The 100 stair climb is well worth the extraordinary views this grotto worn over millions of years into a lime stone karst.

10:00: Back onboard it is time to check out of your cabin as we draw closer to the mainland. After a final early lunch and a last goodbye from our crew, you will board our excursion boat and head back to the wharf where you will be met by your return trip vehicle to transfer you to Hanoi. On behalf of the Captain and crew, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed your trip with Cruise and we look forward to your return journey.

13:00: Get on shuttle mini bus and get back to Hanoi

16:30: Arriving in Hanoi. Drop back in hotel. Take a rest before havng dinner

18:30 : Have dinner in restaurant.


Day 4 : Hanoi – Malaysia ( B )

Relax at leisure until our diver takes you to airport. End of your Hanoi vacation.Seeing you on your next Vietnam trip





Tour Includes:

Local English speaking tour guide , other languages can be arranged on request

Transportation by private car including airport pick up & transfer

Hotels bases on double/twin share ( 3,5* ranking )

Cabin in 5* cruise ( Emotional Cruise )  – Halong bay tour

All entrance fees

Meal as mentioned in program ( 6 main meals with and 3 buffet breakfast )

Bottled drinking water


Tour Excludes:

International air tickets & airport tax

Vietnam visa arrangement (This can be arranged on request)

Hotel early check in & late check out

Pre and post accommodation arrangement

Drinks, except otherwise mentioned

Travel Insurance

Personal expenses & Tips


Tour booking process:

  • You can directly book a tour at BOOK TOUR as displayed in the related tour article section or email to ionetours@gmail.comor booking@ionetour.com for your intended booking. For Chinese request , pls email to : casonchin@ionetour.com
  • Upon receipt of automatic reply from iOneTour, it means that your request has been confirmed to be successfully received by us.
  • You can make a direct call to our company or contact us via the hotline as displayed on our website for your intended booking.
  • Hien : +84. 0987 563 126 / 0985 945 182
  • All tours as displayed on our website are for reference only. Each tour might be supplemented with additional items or changed in terms of travel itinerary in conformity with the Aviation schedule. Accordingly, upon your booking, we will email you with detailed information about the tour in respect of time at your choice to confirm your booking once again with us.
  • You can contract with us to confirm your tour booking by different ways at your convenience: Directly present at our office or our staff will access to your premises for contracting (in inner Hanoi), by email or fax.
  • Submitting necessary documents and items such as: Identity Card, Passport, Certificate of Birth, deposit 50%… immediately after contracting to iOneTour so that iOneTour can conduct booking services for you. If you are in inner Hanoi, our authorized representative will directly access to your premises to collect such necessary documents and items. For other cases out of Hanoi, you can remit by account transfer to one of our account numbers as follows:
  • You will make advance payment for 100% of the tour value 10 days before the date of departure exclusive of Saturday, Sunday.
  • You will prepare your personal luggage at the instruction by DL Company.
  • You will be picked up at a place of appointment for the whole tourists’ group (in case of free independent traveler (FIT) or at a place on request (in case of group inclusive tour (GIT).


Process of confirmation and reservation by DL Company

Upon receipt of your request by email or telephone call, we will specifically advise on travel itinerary, time and pricing as per destinations on your demand.

Emailing or faxing specific tour and pricing in conformity with the date of departure at your request.

Contact you to sign Travel Contract in such a way that it is most convenient for you.

We will send detailed information by email (in case of free independent traveler (FIT), hold meeting with tourists’ group (in case of group inclusive tour (GIT) with contents as follows: Weather condition, luggage, aviation, customs at destinations where you will visit at least 02 days before the date of departure for your personal preparation.


– You should book 05 days in advance to have services arranged most considerately.

– For Voucher, please feel free to book 07 days in advance have services arranged most considerately. Cancelling booking 03 days in advance will be free of charge, 02 days in advance must be charged 50%, and 01 day in advance must be charged 100%.


– Prestigious services – Quality – Priority for true value!

– Diversified destinations, proper fulfillment;

– Reasonable price;

– Professional tour operation;

– Maximum protection of partner’s trademark.



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